Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Stuffed Bat

If bats can be called cute ... this one is

Bat Tutorial at Lilla Luise Blog

"Have a good start into the new week and have fun with a little tutorial for a two-winged fall friend! Halloween is just around the corner, so we really think you should meet the little bat girl Elsie! Actually it´s "Eloise", she ´s named after her great-grandmother, but her parents decided to call her Elsie until she finally grows into that big name "Eloise". Elsie is a fun little bat girl and she tried her best to look cute for you all - notice the little embellishments she put on her wing! Unfortunately Elsie did only find one of her favorite crocheted stockings, she is a really wild little bat".... Read more

1 comment:

    Perfect!! I have been mulling over how to do something exactly like this.
    Tutorials would be great for my business.
    Some of my buyers do amazing things with my pieces, but I have been reluctant to approach a customer.
    I will be in touch soon.