Monday, October 29, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Travel Pillow

Make a New Cover for a Travel Pillow
Travel Pillow Tutorial at A Spoonful of Sugar Blog

"The first cover I made was a craft fail. It fit the neck pillow perfectly but I forgot to take into consideration that the neck pillow is filled with polystyrene balls that mould to your neck and are nice and squidgy  My well fitted cover did not allow the balls to move so it was as hard as a rock! Not want you want on a long haul flight. In hindsight, using a stretch fabric would have been better but I really wanted to use fabric that I already had in my stash. The next version worked so much better but is not as pretty due to the slightly baggy cover required. I think of it more as a pillow case for your neck pillow. At least the colour is better and it can be easily removed for laundering".... Read more


  1. One of the really cool things about a DIY neck pillow is that you can re-use many materials to make it. From old t-shirts ot scrap fabrics to the stuffing from worn-out pillows, you can potentially make a neck pillow from things you already have!

  2. I was considering making my own DIY project out of it, but I love the store bought travel pillow too much. Maybe I can use the one I really like but make them as cute as these?