Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make Super Easy Pocket Pies

I would like to try the cherry one, yumm!

Pocket Pie Tutorial at Crafty Journal Blog

"Make super quick, super easy pocket pies with uncooked flour tortillas. Since the ingredients in these tortillas are almost the same as in pie crust, I thought they would work as the pie crusts. They are already rolled out in a circle and are quite sturdy to handle.  You can fill them with anything: fruit, meat, vegetables, cheese, or whatever else appeals to you. These super easy pocket pies bake beautifully. When we suspiciously taste tested our apple pocket pies, certain they would taste like tortillas, they were delicious".... Read more


  1. Thanks for featuring my pocket pies. Now that apple season is here, we've been having apple pocket pies almost every day!

    1. You're welcome Noreen. These look yummy! Once the Thanksgiving stuffiness has worn off, I may try them.