Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Clothespin Christmas Tree

Decorate your walls for Christmas

Clothespin Tree Tutorial at Little Miss Celebration Blog

"If you missed my earlier post (see it here), Flashback Fridays are dedicated to my mother-in-law, nicknamed Emme, for her initials ME. Our first flashback is a Christmas Pin(e) Tree Wall Art, inspired by a 38 year old craft newsletter that – of course – belonged to Emme!  This is also my homage to Pinterest!  Two things caught my eye about this project – first, the word PIN. Mention the word pin and you’ve got my attention from a mile away (don’t you just love Pinterest?) The second was Christmas. If you have ever seen my Pinterest board, you know I’m Crazy for Christmas! Reading through the original craft directions, I noticed it called for white plastic clothespins. I was definitely not feeling the plastic and decided we’d switch it out for wooden ones. What really had me (momentarily) perplexed? The directions did not say what to do with the tree after it was assembled. No way was it going to stand on its own! Were we supposed to lean it against a wall? Put it in a vase? Suddenly, I thought, let’s make it wall art! We’ll glue it to an artist’s canvas! Don’t you think it’s kind of nice to have something for the wall?  Almost every available flat surface in my house is filled with Christmas, so I thought we should go vertical".... Read more

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