Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Holiday Dress with Removable Decorations

Remove decoration after the holiday and jumper can be worn all year

Holiday Dress Tutorial at Sewing the Little Heart Collection Blog

"My Thanksgiving jumper with removable turkey tail was a great hit, and a lot of fun to make. My sister and I were talking about it one day, and found that the options are never ending! We came up with so many new ideas, so the next project for Littleheart's holiday wardrobe is the Hanukkah (Christmas) Jumper with removable Menorah (Christmas Tree). This one can definitely have the interchangeable ruffle like the Thanksgiving jumper with removable turkey tail, but to change things a bit the interchangeable piece for this dress will be snowflakes and a snowman.  I made the jumper with the Menorah piece, since we celebrate Hanukkah (and Littleheart has a Hanukkah party this Friday), but it is really easy to make something for Christmas. Since Christmas is also the holiday of lights, I suggest doing some candles, and maybe a tree in the middle. Here is an illustration of what I would do, but the options are never-ending".... Read more

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