Saturday, December 15, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make a Plank Christmas Tree

This tree can hang on a wall, or be free standing

Tree Tutorial at Organized Living Solutions Blog

"Since living in Africa, I had to say good-bye to beautiful green fir or spruce christmas trees.  I don't really like artificial trees, so every year it is again a challenge to find something that could work.  We had the fruit stands of the aloe cactus as a christmas tree, we had a tree bent out of wire, we had a cardboard tree and the shape of a tree put on the wall with tape.  So this year we will have a wooden tree.  The idea for that comes from Wood and Wool.  I love the stuff Ingrid makes, but she sits in the Netherlands and I don't think a tree would make it over here in time.  So I improvised and scraped together every old plank I could find in the cellar".... Read more

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