Friday, December 28, 2012

Tutorial - How to Quilt Using Your Serger

A different way to use your serger

Serger Quilting Tutorial at Amity Originals Blog

"Phew!  The holidays certainly took a lot out of me. Keep watch for a post on all the goodies I made for the holidays...then you will be able to see why it took me so long to make a new post!  Sorry for being gone so long but I am back with a good tutorial. I used this technique to make a purse for my mother for the holidays. Her favorite color is deep forest green and she can never find accessories (i.e. purse and/or shoes) that are that color to match all her clothes that are forest green. Here is where I come in!  I made her a hobo style (her favorite) bag out of forest green crushed panne. And for an extra special touch, I quilted the fabric using the chain stitch from my serger".... Read more

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