Friday, February 15, 2013

Tutorial - Make Play Food from Junk Mail

Recycle junk mail into realistic play food

Doll Food Tutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog

"My love of gluing things together blossomed when I was very young.  In kindergarten, I spent many late nights working feverishly at my Little Tikes kitchen with scissors, glue, and whatever material I could get my tiny hands on.  To my parent's dismay, every cut-able item within reach became a potential craft supply.  They frantically hid anything of value while I went to town on catalogs, cardboard boxes, socks missing their mates, and whatever else I could find.  I'm all grown up now, but nothing has changed. Slicing apart the junk mail to make tiny doll house sized food was one of my favorite past times (along with mixing condiments together from the fridge, using bobby pins to pick locks, and drawing on my bedroom walls).  Again...nothing has changed.  The food I made never looked this nice because I didn't have colored permanent markers, an x-acto knife, or very good motor skills at the time".... Read more

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