Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Tutorial - How to Dye Eggs

Food safe dyes and stickers make a variety of colored eggs

Dyed Eggs Tutorial at Speckled Sydney Blog

"How did Easter go from crucifixion to chocolate eggs, resurrection to rabbits? hot cross buns and egg hunts?  Growing up I had mixed feelings about Easter. I had no gripe with hollow chocolate eggs of sub-standard quality. The teenage me had issues with going to Easter Sunday service, mostly because being the eldest child I had to hoard the basket for blessing. This big basket was laden with boiled and dyed eggs, hard and soft cheeses, breads, sausages, cured meats, salt and a candle. After a lengthy service (and no prior breakfast), we would fall upon the food like wilder beasts. Once full, the fun would really begin".... Read more

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