Monday, March 4, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make Molded Crayons

Recycle those crayon pieces

Molded Crayon Tutorial at Fan of Stuff Blog

"I recently volunteered to bring an item for goodie bags since the local preschool was coming to visit our offices in March. My coworker suggested crayons. Now, if you’re a crafty person, it’s easy to see how you couldn’t fathom just BUYING something for these kids. I mean, come on; I know there’s a ton of crafts with crayons out there. So after asking if I could essentially play with them before the kids, I got my thumbs up and was ready to embark on my molded crazy crayons tutorial. I forgot that these things never work out the way they do in my head. I craft the same way I cook, which means I take a general idea and then throw out the rules. After several… let’s say learning experiences I got these to work. This can be done with any mold you choose. However, I will tell you from experience that single-sided molds work best. Also, silicon molds make them easier and faster to remove".... Read more

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