Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Room Divider Curtain

Embroider your curtain for one of a kind room divider

Room Divider Tutorial at Sew in Love Blog

"Noren is a Japanese curtain commonly used to divide areas, such as the kitchen from the living room. You will also see noren at the entrance of many Japanese restaurants.  We’ve just moved into a studio in San Francisco. It’s less than half the size of our 2-bedroom apartment back home in Australia, but we don’t miss all that extra room at all;—it’s amazing how little space you need to live truly happy lives.  Our studio apartment has an eat-in kitchen that leads to the living room. There is a doorway opening between these two areas, but no door. So I thought a noren would be just the thing to separate the two rooms as well as keep in some heat in the living room".... Read more

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