Friday, April 5, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Quick Maxi Skirt

Find some pretty fabrics and start stitching

  Skirt Tutorial at Blissful and Domestic Blog

"This skirt is made in just three easy, peasy steps. First off you will need a yard or so of fabric. I use a yard because I have me some hips, but if you are not cursed blessed with some momma hips then you can use less fabric. I fold my yard of fabric in half "hot dog" style. I am real technical with my sewing terms. Can you tell? For those of you that did not learn this in Kindergarten, curses to your teacher. They deprived you of some stellar knowledge. "Hot Dog" style is folding your fabric in half the long way. Make sure your fabric is folded so that the "right sides" of the fabric are touching. Remember the right side is the "pretty" side of the fabric...the part you want to see when it is all finished".... Read more

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  1. Your terminology is just right. It all makes sense. Lovely skirt.