Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tutorial - How to Knit with your Fingers

Use yarn, twine, or string

Finger Knitting Tutorial at Craft Cravings Blog

"When people find out that I knit, they often say something like “oh, I don’t have time for that” or “that’s so hard to do!” Today, I am bringing you guys a project that blows both of those statements clear out of the water. Did you know that you can knit with just your fingers and some yarn? You totally can. It’s easy, fun and is great for kids and adults alike! It’s an almost mindless project. It’s great for sitting in front of the TV or while being bored out of your skull  in a waiting room. Be prepared to answer a lot of questions though if you do it in public.  They’ll be wanting you to teach them too! No wonder! It’s really fun and fast to learn! Finger knitting results in a narrow long strip of fabric. Use it as a narrow scarf or even braid several together for a thicker scarf.  Make a braided belt, bracelet or something for your little one’s doll. We know that dollies love fashionable scarves and belts too".... Read more


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