Saturday, June 29, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Quick Girl's Nightgown

A cotton nightgown to keep your little one cool on hot nights

Nightgown Tutorial at Blissful and Domestic Blog

"We hit 90 degrees here in the desert yesterday. I was talking to a friend after church yesterday and of course the weather came up. We were talking about how dang hot it was, we carried on until we realized come July we would be praying for 90 degree weather. We quickly stopped complaining and sent up a little prayer of thanks for the bareable weather we are having.  That warm weather got my sewing wheels turning in my head. I knew that once the weather really gets serious and hits 100+, I would want some pajamas for my little Miss to sleep in and keep cool in. .... I made this nightgown last night, which is why she is not modeling my cupcake creation. I was too excited to share it with you lovelies. This nightgown was simple and was done in less than 45 minutes".... Read more

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