Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Chair Organizer

This organizer could also be tied to a walker, or used in the nursery

Chair Organizer Tutorial at Crafty Staci Blog

"I received this pretty bundle, called Sophie, from Clothworks. As it laid on the table in my sewing room while I decided what to make from it, I kept thinking the colors were perfect for my mother-in-law.  I’ve seen her wear almost every color here.  The clincher was when my daughter walked in and said “What are you making for Grandma with that?” It just so happened that my mother-in-law was getting a shiny new hip last month, so she would be spending some time recovering.  One of her daughters bought her a Kindle so she could read during her downtime, but I noticed it didn’t have a good storage spot of its own when she wasn’t using it.  She has a rocking chair where she sits to read and relax, so I decided to make an organizer to hang on the arm".... Read more

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