Thursday, August 22, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Temporary Earring Back

Quick fix for a lost earring back

This easy solution came to me yesterday at the office, when I found  the earring back missing from one of my earrings.  To make this temporary earring back, you need a pencil eraser, a thumb tack, and something to take a slice of the eraser with - for example the razor blade I have in my desk drawer.  The blade was left from the previous occupant of my desk, and I've found it handy for opening reams of paper, cutting through boxes, and now, making earring backs.  The process is self-expanatory, but here are the steps anyway:
  • take a thin slice of the eraser
  • poke a hole in the center of the slice with a thumbtack
  • voila, instant earring back!

My hair is chin length, so you can't see the back when I wear it.  If you have very short hair, this fix may not be for you.  Not pretty, but it may keep a favorite earring from getting lost until you can get a replacement.

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