Thursday, September 5, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Floral Hair Tie

Made with flowers purchased at the $2 store

Floral Hair Tie Tutorial at Bit Square Blog

"Have you seen the latest floral hair ties in shops this season?!!! Oh my goodness I absolutely adore these! .... There is no way I can pick a favourite out of these three as I absolutely love them all. I really want to make an exact copy of all of these but today I'm doing something slightly different. I came across some gorgeous bunches of yellow fabric flowers during the week. They were bigger flowers than the ones featured here, so were not going to be overly suited for creating something similar to these. They were also not big enough to make a statement in themselves so I had to come up with another idea for them".... Read more


  1. Thanks so much for adding my tutorial here! I was really excited to come across your blog this week!