Friday, September 27, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Simple Top

Embellish your top by adding ruffles or buttons

Simple Top Tutorial at the Stitching Scientist Blog

"I don't know why but, I have been bitten by the shirt bug! All I seem to gravitate towards are tops. Anyway, as I promised, here is a tutorial on how to create your own shirt pattern based on the vintage shirt I did a few days ago. This pattern was drafted from a knit shirt but the same principle applies to woven fabrics. Instead of using a knit shirt as your template, you would use a cotton shirt. As we go through this tutorial, I will show you how to adjust your pattern to fit specific styles. I also included the pattern I drafted for myself for those of you with 32" bust. The pattern from the vintage shirt was a lot looser with a bust width of 34-36". You can download that one and use it if you are larger on top. Or, you can learn how to create your own pattern with this tutorial. Here is my top of the week".... Read more

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