Monday, September 16, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Tiered Skirt

A simple project that sews up easily in a few hours

Tiered Skirt Tutorial at Peanut Life Adventures Blog

"First, measure how long you want your skirt to be and add 3 inches (1 for the hem and 2 for the elastic casing).  All layers will be 45 inches wide (or as wide as your fabric is) I wanted my skirt to be 7 inches long. I cut my bottom layer to be 10 inches long, the middle layer was cut 8 inches long, and the bottom layer was 6 inches long. Next step is to make your hem.  To do this, press a fold a quarter to half inch from the bottom (it should be closer to 1/4 inch, but I'm not that good yet, so my hems are wider and I do it at a half inch)".... Read more

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