Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Tutorial - How to Use Contact Paper to Revive a Countertop

A new look for little expense

Countertop Redo Tutorial at Rental Revival Blog

"Today I am back with another tutorial from my $100 kitchen revival. This is definitely the favorite update that I made in my rental home's kitchen, because it created such a drastic, yet easily removable change for so cheap! It is perfect for a rental home or apartment, and it only takes a little time and patience, so why not give it a shot?  All you need for this project is decorative contact paper or adhesive shelf liner, which I found at Target for $5.24; clear caulk (about $3 at any home improvement store); a razor blade or box cutter; and finally, Mod Podge. I searched a lot of stores for shelf liner in a black and white design, and on my expedition I found many options: faux wood grain, faux stainless steel, and other cute options that just didn't happen to match my vision (that I linked in the beginning of this paragraph). Get creative with your countertops".... Read more

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