Thursday, October 3, 2013

Tutorial - How to Create Easy Modern Art

Fun with paint and canvas

Art Tutorial at The 2 Seasons Blog

"Jackson Pollock I am not, but I found a way to create some great modern art that doesn’t take a lot of skill, time, or money. It was simple and easy for you to do, too.All you need to do is buy a large canvas and some wall paint samples at your favorite home store.  I wanted some vibrant colors to wake up our soft blue (Iceberg by Sherwin Williams) in the master bathroom.  My mother gave me a canvas (24 x 36) that she never used, and I painted the background the same blue as the bathroom wall.  I chose a yellow sample that I already owned and bought the bright green, blue, and orangish red.  You can choose any colors you want".... Read more

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