Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Broomstick Skirt

You can use a different fabric in each tier

Skirt Tutorial at HomeStead Sewing

"Here is how to make a Three Tier Broomstick Skirt! It’s easy, free and fully illustrated, and includes a simple pattern, complete with directions. Anyone can make a three Tier Broomstick Skirt!  I love this pattern and have been making these skirts for over twenty years. It’s a “One Size Fits Most” and you will have three lengths to choose from. As we go through life and our weight fluctuates, with this pattern, you need only to increase or decrease the elastic in the waistband for a better fit.  I’m still wearing this black paisley skirt, that you see in the photo, and I made it twenty years ago. The fabric is some of the best I’ve ever bought and the skirt is still like brand new. Don’t skimp on fabric and your skirt will last a very long time"....Read more

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