Saturday, October 26, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Burlap Owl

Step by step instructions to make this owl

Owl Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"We all love owls. They are so cute and intriguing. And JP presented some awesome pictures of these cuties from all angles.  Lucky for me she had gotten them on a shopping trip but I'm sure if she wanted to make them, like I did, she could lovingly make a precious little set that would be available in her shop. She's a designer so check out her blog for wonderful inspirations.  The owls were quite easy to put together but with drying time they had to be done over a few days. My owls, which look a little different from JP's, are made out of burlap, jute twine, yarn, cardboard, acrylic paint, wire and paper mache.   You probably have everything you need to make these cute, adorable owls".... Read more

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