Friday, November 8, 2013

Tutorial - How to Propagate Hydrangeas
I hope to catch one of mine before the season is over to try this

Hydrangea Tutorial at The Comfy Crafter Blog

"Today I wanted to show you a trick for easily propagating hydrangeas. This is the time of year hydrangeas are getting trimmed back, so perfect timing to get cuttings to propagate! First step is to get a cutting of a hydrangea. In our current place we don't have a hydrangea but our neighbor does and she lays the cuttings out in a branch pile so I scoop those up anytime I see them.  Now, the cuttings I used had been laying out for a couple days, so they look a little sad and wilty. The great thing about hydrangeas is they will bounce right back, they are very vocal about if they want water and once you give it to them, they perk right back".... Read more

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  1. This looks great and I would love to do it. What part of the world do you live in as here in England we are heading toward winter. can I still propagate my hydrangeas or do I have to wait until spring?