Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tutorial - Variations of Ants on a Log
Kids will enjoy making lots of variations of this retro snack

Ants on a Log Tutorial at Make the Best of Everything Blog

"So….I had a stressful night last night.  My husband is in China for work, and I was woken up by my toddler around 2 am…..he had gotten sick. everywhere!!!!!  So after dealing with that, and spending the morning making sure he was feeling better, doing laundry and sanitizing most of our house. I decided I was going to spend nap time making something pretty to eat!  I emptied my pantry and fridge and made several variations of ” Ants on a Log”.  I had fun time tasting the different combinations.  I happened to have some celery in my fridge that I purchased for a recipe that I never made.  And remember my  Tuna Salad Ants on a Log that I made last year?  Well today’s snack was inspired by those".... Read more

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