Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Tutorial - How to Make a Jersey Skirt with Scoop Pockets
It is quite easy to make scoop pockets

Skirt Tutorial at Sovanisa Blog

"While the Skirt with Built-in Shorts is my favorite skirt for my older daughter,  my new knit skirt with Pockets which I am calling the  Belli Skirt that I showed you the other day is now favorite one for my two younger girls.  And as promised I will show you how I made it.  The size that I made for my girls is a 4T.   Their waist measurement is 22″. …The desired length of the skirt was 11″.  So I will give you those measurements BUT the skirt can be made easily for other sizes too.  Below is exactly how I would make this skirt for my older daughter in her size".... Read more

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