Sunday, January 5, 2014

Tutorial Exchange - How to Make a Marble Quilt Block
Block tutorial using book from Craftside Tutorial Exchange

Tutorial at Poppy Place Pdx Blog

"Well, do you remember back in December last year, (lol, sounds like such a long time ago now!!! I WON this amazing book "The Quilt Block Book" by Nancy Wick. I had great fun browsing thru it over the holidays and finally came up with a Quilt Block that I thought would be a challenge (for me) and fun to create (If you didn't see my "I WON" blog post you can check it out HERE. So, here is the square quilt block I chose to make and the final result, plus the tutorial on how I did it".... Read more

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  1. Thanks so much K. :)

    It was really fun and I am now excited to get going and make the other squares :)

    Happy New Year, cheers, T. :)