Sunday, January 12, 2014

Tutorial - How to Convert a Onsie into a Dog Shirt
Simple alteration to make a dog's shirt
Tutorial at Craft Cravings Blog

"Hello, everyone! Today’s project is so super simple, I almost didn’t put it up. I thought that there wasn’t much to it so why post? Honestly, looking back, some of the posts that I almost didn’t make turned out to be the most popular, so why not, right? I originally saw this idea on SheKnows. I wish I would have been the first to have this great idea though! You might be asking “why?” Well, dog shirts are not cheap. Raven has a few clothing items and the ones I have purchased were only at 50% off or less. I love my pup and I like dressing her up even though it’s probably a little silly to most people, but I’m not spending 20-40 dollars a piece for dog clothing items. It’s just not happening".... Read more

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