Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Flat Pack Mini Crown

Make and pack an extra one in case she finds a friend with fairy potential

Tutorial at Maker*land Blog

"Little girls are fickle creatures.  One minute, they want to dress up as delicate fairies, sporting fluffy tutus, pretty wings and sparkly headpieces, spinning about from here to there like music-box-ballerinas, and the next they are thrusting sticks violently into ant holes and excitedly watching the ensuing drama, or kicking bigger kids down the slide because they are 'being slow'.  The tutu gets grubby, the wand gets lost, the headgear and the wings comes off, and before long you're left with a messy kid and a handful of sparkly accessories to lug about until you're ready to go home.  That is unless your grub of a child decides she wants to be a fairy again five minutes later. This little crown can be stored flat in a purse or nappy bag, and pulled out when your child has a sudden attack of the whimsy".... Read more

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