Monday, March 17, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Edible Play Dough
Dough that kids can play with and eat too

Tutorial at The TipToe Fairy Blog

"Did you ever think you’d see those words together? Nutella Play Dough? It’s surprisingly easy to make, and your kids  (and you) are going to love it!  My kids love to play with play dough.  We go through quite a bit of it.  We’ve had great success with making our own Gak and Glitter Gak.  And, they have always loved peanut butter play dough, especially because they can eat it while they play.  I was trying to think up another fun edible play dough.  I’ve seen the jello play dough, but while they smell great and they’re edible, they aren’t very tasty.  I wanted something new and tasty, too.  Then I thought about one of their favorite things that’s similar to peanut butter — Nutella".... Read more

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