Sunday, June 15, 2014

Tutorial Exchange - Easy Swarovski Braided Bracelet
Tutorial Exchange Winner from Craftyful

Tutorial at The Woman on the Hill Blog

"Bracelets!?!?!  Yep! That's right... A little break from quilting is here, and reminiscing of my beading experiments some years ago, The Hill has today a beginner tutorial for a simple braided bracelet. Besides, some variety to our Crafty Bone Activities never hurts, right? Ah! But Yiya had an accomplice for this task... Craftyful! An online store with a variety of fabric, buttons, ribbons, zippers, charms and good ol' crafty goodies, Craftyful is a great place to get supplies from. For some reason, I got "lost" in their selection of Swarovski crystals and had the inkling to make a bracelet like the one in the following picture".... Read more

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