Friday, June 20, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make a Cold Brewed Coffee
Beat the summer heat with cold brew coffee

Tutorial at Saturday Crafternoons Blog

"When a friend of mine casually mentioned how easy it was to make cold brew coffee, she had no idea it would change my life forever. For the past year, I've been using the following recipe on the regular: my housemates and I go through two of these huge mason jars a week!  Cold brew coffee is more than just a great way to beat the summer heat: the cold brew process takes the edge off your caffeine fix, producing a low-acid concentrate that's easy on the palette and the stomach. It's also quicker and easier to take on the go than hot brew: I throw some in a mason jar on my way out the door in the morning and drink it during my morning commute.  It's easy to make your own, and I'll teach you how in today's tutorial".... Read more

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