Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tutorial - How to Make Four Easy Necklaces
4 easy and stylish necklaces without any tools

Tutorial at Plenty of Paprika Blog

"Why is that I love to make jewelry but not so much wearing it? My friends and family don't complain, since they get the bulk of what I make. One night, inspiration (or boredom?) kept me up after I put the kids to bed and since J was out of town with our 15 year old, I set down to make 4 necklaces. The design ideas have been in my mind for a while now, so they came together pretty fast.  Most of these pieces have homes now with friends, but the design are easy to replicate. Also, no clasps or special tools needed. Of course that means that the necklaces need to be long enough to slip over the head. Sources for the beads and simple instructions on how to make each one are included after each design".... Read more

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