Friday, April 3, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Burlap Bunny Bag
Construct for unique gift presentation

Tutorial at Purple Hues and Me Blog

"I've been having a fun time making crafts for Easter even though I don't have any grandkids.  I still have some paperbacked burlap left and wanted to make this cute bunny bag.  You might be asking what on earth could you do with that.  Well it's great for boys in place of a traditional Easter basket.  Hence, the green and purple colors.  I made a "tray" out of the same material that sits inside and candy, eggs and toys can be placed in it and then wrapped in cellophane.  Such a cute idea!  The burlap bag was easy to make once I figured out the measurements needed for folding it since I was working with a 24" x 12" sheet of burlap".... Read more

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