Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Crocheted Necklace
Easily modified for single or multiple strands

Tutorial at Cucicucicoo Blog

"Last fall I posted this picture on Instagram. What was it? My very first crochet pattern, which I’m now ready to share with you! Here it is: the Ball and Chain crochet necklace pattern!  (Suggested musical accompaniment: They Might Be Giants’ song “Lucky Ball and Chain”) I’m a beginner crocheter and knitter, so it’s a pretty simple pattern, made up of linked modules of one stuffed ball and a chain of variable length. You can choose how long the chains should be, and also how many modules to make, making all sorts of possible lengths and looks. Above you can see the three necklaces I’ve made with this pattern.  Being made with cotton yarn, it’s a nice and light spring or summer accessory".... Read more

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