Thursday, June 25, 2015

Tutorial - Make an Animal Cookie Punch Game
Everyone is a winner in this easy carnival game

Tutorial at A Joyful Riot Blog

"I didn’t want Stella’s party to be too circusy themed even though they’re called “circus animal cookies”. I love circus parties but I’ve done one before, along with everyone else! So I wanted this party to be more unique. I did want some carnival-y games though! These games were a huge hit with all the little kiddos! I had 5 games plus a piñata and I spent only $100 on all of that; prizes, candy, supplies, everything! This game probably cost around $15 because I filled a lot of the slots with $1 prizes, but you could do it for even less if you filled them with prizes that came 5+ to a package. Dollar Tree is the best place to shop".... Read more

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