Friday, August 14, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Key Fob Pouch
Carry lip gloss, essential oil, or other small item

Tutorial at Patchwork Posse Blog

"Whether it’s back to school, or a sewing retreat, or whatever the occasion- maybe it’s just daily run arounds and errands!  I do love to have a few essential oils on hand.  I am kind of funny like that (are you funny like that as well?)  A few of my favorites- brain power, clarity, joy (smells like roses!) just to name a few.  Really, they all compete for the first position of favorite.  I am not a big fan though of hauling around a zipper pouch full for small run arounds or retreats — I might just want one bottle with me– and key fobs are the answer!  So- this little ribbon carrier is just perfect for one bottle".... Read more

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