Friday, August 28, 2015

Tutorial - How to Make a Thin Pencil Case
Practical case is a fast, easy scrap buster

Tutorial at Lorelei Jayne Blog

"As always my tutorials come from some need.. if not by me then my friends and family. A friend told me how her daughter wanted this really expensive pencil case that was “nothing special” and not handmade and wouldn’t even fit that many pencils in it.  I being a huge stationary lover can understand it doesn’t have to be that useful… just a little useful and cute! So i thought i would take what she described “a thin pencil case” and interpret that into cuteness and a tutorial for said cuteness.  It’s useful too because this pencil case fits a few pens and it can attach to folders or handbags. Now of course i have a list of people who want one".... Read more

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