Thursday, August 6, 2015

Tutorial - Make a Wide Brim Hat from Old Jeans
Tutorial includes how to do a faux oil cloth finish

Tutorial at Upcycled Design Lab Blog

"Today's project came together all at once.  For days I waited for any kind of inspiration and then finally yesterday I started playing with the idea of making a hat from some of the hubbies old jeans.  I searched the internet for a pattern to work with and ended up with this pattern for a wide brim hat.  The brim piece needed to be made into smaller pieces to fit on the jeans which required a little pattern alteration so instead of one piece the brim became 5 pieces that had to be sewn together.   Here is where it gets a little weird.  I decided to experiment with making an oil cloth finish".... Read more

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  1. Wonderful !!!! I love everything ! It is very elegant , and it is an excellet recycling try !!!