Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Tutorial - Transforming Furniture with Wallpaper

Decorating ideas for tables, trash bins, picture frames, and more

Tutorial at Pillar Box Blue Blog

"Over the last few years wallpaper has come back in fashion and there are loads of fantastic designs out there. Wallpaper is not just for walls, you can decorate loads of things with it. As many great design houses produce their own wallpapers it can be cheap way of getting that designer look. My friend Wendy loves Orla Kiely prints and has found an affordable way to get Orla Kiely into her home by using wallpaper. I’ll show you how wallpaper can be used to transform furniture and fixings in your home.  The great thing about using wallpaper is that not only does it come in thousands of cool designs it is quite robust and flexible making it easier to stick to objects than ordinary paper".... Read more

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