Friday, January 15, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make Embroidered Tray Mats
Waterproof tray mat with pretty embroidery

Tutorial at Hands On Workshop Blog

"Plastic trays have a very functional purpose – they’re light to carry, easy to clean and inexpensive. But they’re not terribly attractive and cups and plates slip when you carry them. Spilled tea over the bikkies is a disappointing start to a quiet tea moment.  I’ve tried smartly-patterned tea towels but they’re a bit too big, even doubled over. After filming a video workshop one day and ferrying trays of things back and forth, Lynn and I cast our eyes around the materials we had here to make a tray mat. We spotted something with lots of potential – non-slip rubber matting used for lining drawers (or laying underneath table runners".... Read more

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