Sunday, January 10, 2016

Tutorial - How to Transfer Thread from Cones to Spools
Save money by buying a cone of color you need

Tutorial at Makery Blog

"Picture the scene. It was New Years Day. (Happy 2016 everyone!) A rare opportunity over the holidays to duck into Shedquarters and sneak some sewing in. All ready to rock and roll and then……aaargh! Not enough thread spools in the right colour for my overlocker! I can be a bit blasé about gathering supplies/notions for a project. I’ve developed quite a stash and kinda just assumed I would have enough standard spools in the general vicinity of this colour to cobble together a workable overlock stitch. (‘cos I use this colour all the time! Not! Doh!). But no. I had one cone in the colour I needed. Loads of it. But all on one cone".... Read more

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  1. Brilliant idea, thanks for sharing. Happy & Creative New Year