Monday, January 4, 2016

Tutorial - Recycle a Fruit Box into a Filing Box
Easily done. no specialist skills required

Tutorial at Hands On Workshop Blog
"Now that I’m half way through the year, I’m tweaking and adjusting my office ‘systems’. I’ve discovered that I really like storing my paperwork and tear sheets (pages of mags or print outs) in hanging files. It’s a really easy way to find things, they don’t get squashed, different size bits of paper all fit in, and you don’t have to punch big holes in the document.  The only trouble is, that I don’t have room for a filing cabinet and most of them are pretty darn ugly. But….I found that if I adapted my “Aussie Farmers”  boxes (it’s an Australian grocery delivery service), I could make a neat box for my hanging files".... Read more

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