Friday, February 19, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Cachepot with Shelf Liners
Make an ornamental container for your plants

Tutorial at Two Plus Cute Blog

"DIY cachepots to match your style, using adhesive shelf liners! A quick, frugal and easy solution for newly bought indoor plants with ugly pots. All you need is leftover scraps from shelf liners and scissors. Upcycling and decorating in one DIY go.  Thε idea came to me when I was painting mom’s spicy yellow kitchen and I wanted to add a living plant to style (I am using the word “style” with extreme platitude here) the room. I found a plant but it came with a plain plastic pot and I wanted to cover that. I had one scrap piece left from lining the cabinets and it so happened it was just the right size to dress the pot".... Read more

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