Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Tutorial - How to Make a Crochet Hook Holder
Holder is made with a bamboo sushi rolling mat

Tutorial at Petit Bout de Chou Blog

"I must say that as a craft lover I can sometimes get a little bit overwhelmed when it comes to buying new tools or craft supplies... And after a few years of crochet in Hong Kong, I have just realised that I have many crochet hooks all over the place! It was time for a little re-organisation of this mess and I thought it would be a great occasion to share this quick and easy DIY with you.  The good thing with this hook holder is that it is not only super cute, but also very quick to do and cheap! Other bonus: it can be used to store other things than crochet hooks such as make-up brushes, pencils, paint brushes, leather carving tools".... Read more

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