Monday, May 9, 2016

Tutorial - How to Fix Common Quilt Problems
Ways to make your quilt even more beautiful

Tutorial at From My Carolina Home Blog

"Now, several more charity quilts later, I promised to show you how I fix some other common problems with longarm quilting.  Once again, the main reason for this post is to educate those that send quilts to a longarmer, but new longarmers may find something useful here. First up, the issue of using sheets as backing. Oh heavens, I know there are those of you that think there is a lot of fabric without seams, and it makes a perfect backing, but it doesn’t. The weave is rarely even, it stretches like mad and not evenly, and it is difficult to quilt through keeping the tensions balanced. But, the kicker is when someone gives you one that has been washed dozens of times".... Read more

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