Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Creations Made Using Totally Tutorials!

By Pure made this beautiful brooch inspired by Design by Night's tutorial. Love it!

Squiggles made super fun dream catcher earrings inspired by LDC Designs' tutorial. Very cool!

Love People. Like Things made this fabulous house diorama inspired by Pickup Some Creativity's tutorial. Love it!

Altered Artifacts made these absolutely adorable felt monsters inspired by Art, Adventures and Toddler's tutorial. Too cute!

Sigmosaics made these wonderful Pricing Holders inspired by ArtMind's tutorial. Love them!

Judith B made this gorgeous bird nest pendant inspired by Just Something I Made's tutorial. Stunning!

The Cupcake Cuppy made this adorable bandana dress using Joy's Hope tutorial. Well done!

Did you make something using a tutorial posted on Totally Tutorials? Let's see it!

Write up a blog post with a photo of your finished piece. Link to the specific tutorial here that you used.

Leave a comment below with the address to the blog post, not your homepage. No tiny urls please.

I'll post your photo, and a link back to your blog on this page.



  1. http://theartsierblog.blogspot.com/2011/06/dream-catcher-earrings-from-ldc-designs.html
    I made the dream catcher earrings! Adorable!

  2. Love those Annie! I'll write up a post and add it here soon. Thanks!

  3. Hi!
    I made Doily Lace Flower Brooch while drinking morning coffee. Thanks. By pure.


  4. Awesome ByPure! I'll add it here. Thanks!

  5. hi!
    Another flower lace brooch made by fallowing instruction Doily Lace Flower Brooch. Everyone liked it and i made lots of them. thx.
    by pure