Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

Start with brown shipping paper

Wrapping Paper Tutorial at Make the Best of Everything Blog

"I broke out the chalkboard paint because my chalkboard table needed a touch up.  While I was painting the blocks for Hadley's birthday present.  I had spilled some paint on my table.  While I had the chalkboard paint out, I wanted to paint a few other things.  I painted a vase and a flower pot.  I thought It would be fun to try to make chalkboard wrapping paper. I can't believe I have never posted a wrapping paper post before.  I LOVE wrapping presents.  I often have a secret competition with my family members during Christmastime on who can wrap the best presents. In all this chalkboard craze going around Pinterest, I can't believe I have never actually seen chalkboard wrapping paper before".... Read more


  1. Nice,but chalkbord paint is very expensive over here and I think it's to expensive to end with the garbage after you have given the present...there are so much more cheaper ideas to give a present in a special package....

  2. Excellent idea to wrap the present, especially on occasions like Christmas and birthday parties, we just tried it out and .all my friends just loved the idea.
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