Thursday, November 8, 2012

Tutorial - How to Use Office Supplies as Gift Wrap

Use yellow lined paper for a bow

Gift WrapTutorial at Shades of Tangerine Blog

"So you're stuck at the office and you suddenly remember that you forgot to wrap that birthday gift sitting in your car!  Don't panic.  Here's a great way to wrap up your package using things that can be found in your cubicle:  First, open a word document and fill the page with one letter, then knock the font size up (I went all the way up to 72).  Play with the fonts until you find a character that works as a wrapping paper pattern".... Read more


  1. what a neat idea, I'll have to remember this one!!

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  3. This is great idea. Use office supplies as a wrapping is I think also good for way for recycling.

  4. This is indeed a good idea. My mom will love this.

  5. This is good especially when you forgot to buy a gift wrapping paper. Convenient and unique. Thanks for sharing.