Sunday, December 9, 2012

Tutorial - How to Make an Ornament from Greeting Cards

Refashion some memorable cards into ornaments

Ornament Tutorial at The Space Between Blog

"But, seriously, do you ever find yourself cleaning or organizing something when you really should be doing something else.  Should be working out?  Let me just make sure the kitchen is super duper clean, not sure I put everything in alpha order in the fridge last I checked.  Need groceries that I should have gotten 3 days ago?  I really NEED to just make sure the cabinet in that other room is all in order, and dusted, and labeled.  See what I’m sayin’? So it really is no shocker that when I was trying to come up with crafty little Christmas ornament ideas for the Mega Crafty Christmas Tree Challenge I got just a wee bit side tracked".... Read more

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